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Certification cycle

Digital Brand Content

When a brand must become a media producer

The Certification Cycle in Digital Brand Content provides participants with the concepts and tools to think, design and develop an effective content strategy. It is designed for professionals looking for improvement, and takes place on 8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays, spread over 4 months.

Certification Cycle – Digital Brand Content
Next session: April 24th, 2020
Tuition: CHF 4100.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)



Jours 1 & 2 Fri 24.04.2020 Sat 25.04.2020
The fundamentals of digital brand content
  • Define and understand the different types of digital content
  • Learn to spot the challenges of the content of a digital marketing campaign
  • Identify the brand’s mechanics and territories
  • Analyse Best Practices and look at examples
  • Understand how to use the basic tools and platforms
Jours 3 & 4 Fri 01.05.2020 Sat 02.05.2020
Online Copywriting Techniques
  • Copywriting for the Web – the fundamentals
  • SEO approach
  • User requirements for web-based ergonomics and on-screen reading
  • The essentials for web writing
  • Creation and administration of a blog
  • Re-writing workshop
Day 5 Fri 08.05.2020
Tell a story and unify your audience
  • A definition of digital storytelling
  • Examples and success stories
  • How to design, plan and deploy a digital storytelling device
  • Tools/best practices
  • Workshop
Day 6 Sat 09.05.2020
The use of mobile in your strategy
  • How to choose a smartphone as a production tool
  • Overview of various currently popular mobile tools
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to produce and upload content in a mobile version
  • Mobile language v. the choice of platform
  • When to use livestreaming
Jours 7 & 8 Fri 15.05.2020 Sat 16.05.2020
Video workshop
  • Animation techniques
  • Image composition
  • Understanding camera settings and choosing the right accessories and video formats
  • Specifications of video for the web – hook, length, content writing and cutting an audio-visual project
  • Shooting with storyboards, location plans, sound effects, etc. Downloading images
  • Media management
  • Montage of a start-to-end, two-minute video with premiere elements on joining shots and speed effects
  • Work on audio, addition of music
  • Dressing (titling)
  • Finishing the editing process and exporting videos for different sharing platforms
  • Saving media files
Day 9 Fri 05.06.2020
Develop your audience and manage your community
  • Social plateforms sociales and their usage
  • Production & content creation
  • Typologies and forms of content
  • Publishing planning & uploading
  • Monitoring, community management & analytics
  • Case studies & workshop
Day 10 Sat 06.06.2020
Art direction
  • Basic elements of design
  • Brand identity
  • General overview of online communication
  • Overall view of all the available digital channels
  • Creativity and new technologies: new tools and their application to marketing campaigns
Jours 11 & 12 Fri 12.06.2020 Sat 13.06.2020
Image and photo workshop
  • The importance of imagery, retouching and photography.
  • The fundamentals of image production and editing
  • Different formats and platforms
  • Uploading
  • Case study
  • Photo workshop
Jours 13 & 14 Fri 19.06.2020 Sat 20.06.2020
Understanding the different types of media
  • An overview of social sharing platforms
  • Brand opportunities
  • Publication tools
  • Choose your tools well
  • Case study & workshop
Jours 15 & 16 Fri 26.06.2020 Sat 27.06.2020
Workshop - Design and implement a digital brand content strategy


The classes for our Certification Cycle in Digital Brand Content are held by digital and content creation professionals, all currently active and experienced in their fields.

FRED DUMONAL (Course Director)
Founder, Lesintellos.com & Genevafin.tech
Head of Digital Programs, CREA
Freelance, Camera woman / Auteure
Social Paid Wizard BWAT, Bruxelles
Creative Director, Agence MNSTR
Founder & CEO, UPP
Freelance, Photographe
Founder, MUZ Agency
President, La Dictature du Beau SAS Agence de communication
Founder, Studio Murmure & Author, Annecy

When a brand must become a media producer

In the face of advertising saturation, brands and companies wishing to emerge in an increasingly fast digital world now produce their own content.

Brands don’t hesitate about turning into media producers in multiple forms (text, photos and video) and a variety of platforms (sites, blogs, social networks, etc.) to reach their target market. Brands like Red Bull, Lacoste and Adidas have set up Digital Brand Content devices which have proven to be effective.

The Certification Cycle in Digital Brand Content provides participants with the concepts and tools to think, design and develop an effective content strategy. It was created for professionals looking for improvement, and takes place on 8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays over 4 months.

Keep learning at home

Each participant receives a free 6-month access to the eLearning platform LEARNING7 and its program: “Marketing in a Digital World”. In addition to allowing a revision of the notions seen during the cycle, this training adapts to your rhythm and leads to an additional certification.
This eLearning program, designed to boost your Digital Marketing skills, was developed with Facebook, Google, Instagram and Youtube.

Sharpen your skills

The following are also offered for anyone who would like to develop further their knowledge and skills:

– An 18-month alternate Master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Social Media
– A Certification Cycle in Digital Strategy
– A Certification Cycle in Relational Strategy & Data Management

  • 16 days of training (8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays)
  • Programme can be undertaken whilst working
  • 1 end-of-course project relevant to the participant’s professional activity
  • Language: French
  • Campus: Geneva
  • Tuition: CHF 4100.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)
  • “Training cheques” accepted
  • Support from the ORP (Regional Placement Offices) possible

Who is this cycle for?

Marketing and communication professionals and anyone wishing to develop their communication strategy and produce their own content for digital platforms (blogs, social networks, etc.)

Prerequisites for the cycle

There are no prerequisites for students prior to starting our Certification Cycle in Digital Content. Use of a personal, up-to-date computer is strongly advised.


  • CHF 4100.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)

Those who meet the criteria can receive a refund of 750.- with the annual training check. More information here.


CREA Genève
BAT 43 L | 43, route des Acacias
1227 Genève – Acacias

  • Master the concepts and challenges of content strategy
  • Understand and apply content production techniques for all
  • Aims of your digital strategy (site, web marketing campaigns, social media management, online reputation and PR)
  • Plan, organise and produce audio, video, photo and written content for your digital platforms
  • Optimise and develop the distribution and visibility of multimedia content
  • Organise and optimise interaction between content, platforms and digital campaigns
  • Measure the impact of a device, get to know the tools and statistics (KPI).

“Brands shouldn’t hesitate about turning into media producers to deal with advertising saturation.”

Fred Dumonal, Course Director @ CREA


CDD19 Aftermovie

Daniel Groh, What interests Millenials in 2019? #CDD19

Au Royaume d’Instagram, Les Influenceurs sont Rois !


Digital Careers

A first step for accessing new roles in communications which has become essential for businesses wishing to join the digital revolution.

Digital Brand Content Manager Community Manager


A school that is close to the business world

Our motto is “learn from experience”. Teaching must come from expert specialists. All our teaching staff are professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with the students so that what they learn is relevant.

The work market is changing rapidly and it is important for each student to enter the world of work with a relevant skill set.



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