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CREA is a leading educational establishment in the areas of Marketing, Communication, Digital, Web Development and Applications, and Artistic Direction. Each year, more than 800 students are trained in our establishment by the best Swiss and international speakers. CREA currently provides the following programmes : Bachelors, Masters, executive or full time, Federal Brevets as well as short Certification Cycles. CREA’s development plan is based on : Creation, Digital & Innovation, Luxury and Sport.


The world is changing, education is too. CREA provides a terrific springboard for future professionals in the areas of creation, marketing, communication and digital skills.

Mindful of developments in the business world, the school anticipates the great changes that the digital world is provoking in marketing and communication and the courses have been redefined by new needs in these sectors (Luxury, Fashion, Sport, etc.).

Learn from experience. It is useless to learn without understanding. At CREA, we believe that education can only be, and must be, based on experience, knowledge that is experienced. For this reason, our course leaders and lecturers are all experienced professionals.

A school that is close to the business world

Knowledge should come from expert specialists. Our lecturers are all professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with their students so that all learning is relevant to the current world of business. The world of work is fast changing and it is important that each student can enter it with the relevant skills.

CREA shares their network, including Swiss and international companies and experts, with their students so that it remains close to the world of business. They support the students and the school in the acquisition of skills relevant to the current professional workplace.

ECTS Credits

We deliver ECTS credits to our Bachelor and Master students. These credits are recognised by professional bodies and CREA’s partner businesses but are not state-awarded diplomas.

However, they are awarded by a private school and conform strictly to the procedures published in the Bologna Process. The ECTS credits are based on a system that allows studies to be quantified (face-to-face lessons, research work, personal studies, etc.).

Our Bachelor’s courses are worth 180 ECTS credits and our Master’s courses 120 ECTS credits. Co-operation agreements with other institutes and professional bodies in Europe allow our students to join other courses of study, in particular at postgraduate level.


LEARNING7 is an online course which offers a unique experience alternating video lessons and interactive exercises.This digital training allows you to strengthen your marketing skills relating to strategic planning, formats and platforms, but also to targeting and measurement techniques to develop your brand building and performance marketing campaigns. Read more about LEARNING7

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