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EBS Geneva Digital Business Management

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Today, every company is a digital company

Programme in collaboration with EBS Geneva

In every country, in every industry, economic models and traditional processes are being transformed by the powerful gains made by technological innovation, by the opening up of the world and by new ways of managing companies. Just think of companies such as Uber, Netflix or Airbnb, which didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Today, they carry out their business activities with new processes and new tools that require a depth of skills and remarkable open mindedness.

Via innovative instruction, based around ©EDIC (Entrepreneurship, Digital, Innovation and Creativity), project-based teaching (Learning By Building) and international experience for multicultural immersion, this programme has been designed to prepare you for all these new requirements in the local and international markets.

This Bachelor’s Degree enables you to obtain a double certification from EBS Genève and CREA.

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Reimagining businesses in a digital world

In order to adapt and remain successful, organisations need agile and innovative managers, who think creatively and optimise each stage of the organisational cycle, to create value for customers and all stakeholders. To reinvent the future, you will need to know how to transform ideas into valuable concepts and to study the risks and opportunities before launching onto the market.

The EBS Genève Bachelor program in Digital Business Management aims to create operational managers who are ready to join a company in the marketing, management and finance sectors, by developing their passion for entrepreneurship and digital in an international environment over the three years.
This course provides the necessary tools for the leaders of the future, such as you, to help you design new strategies and create economic models so that businesses can be successful in the new economy. Course participants will develop their entrepreneurial spirit and master digital tools. They will possess all the essential knowledge and experience to adapt to a changing market and to rise rapidly in their professional career.

Next course start date: October 18, 2021
180 ECTS Credits / Double Bachelor’s Degree Certification from EBS Genève and CREA

  • 3-year course
  • 3 business placements
  • 1 term on the INSEEC U. campus in London
  • 1 trip to San Francisco
  • Language: English
  • Campus: Geneva
  • 180 ECTS Credits
  • A “Placement & Business” centre available to students
  • Grant and finance plan available

Admission test is divided in two part :

  1. To complete a personal project on a subject chosen previously
  2. An oral interview with two experts

When we receive your written application, we will send you the subject of the personal project. The schedule of the oral exam will be confirm by a mail.

Nominees are judged on their motivation, level of general culture, their sense of reflection, creativity and ability to express themselves.

Each application will be reviewed by course management. The school reserves the right to accept or reject a candidate for any reason.

  • Age 18-25
  • Have attended an info session or an open school day, or a personal interview
  • Swiss Matura Diploma ( or equivalent )
  • Completed the registration form
  • Pass the entry exam

Course fees

Course fees for 3 years: CHF 49500.-
Application fee : 500.-

Including MacBook Pro, excluding graphics software.

ECTS credits: This Bachelor is recognized by professional associations and by many CREA’s partner companies, but it’s not a state diploma.

Founded in 1975 in Bordeaux, the INSEEC U. GROUP has developed over the past 40 years into a group of 16 schools, offering generalist and specialist programs in Management, Finance, Marketing, Communication, Digital, Luxury, Wine & Spirits. These programs are offered on 9 campuses in Europe, in the United States and online.

Located in the heart of vibrant cities such as Paris, London, San Francisco and Shanghai, by the seaside like in Monaco or Bordeaux, or close to Alps in Lyon, Chambery and Geneva, the INSEEC U. GROUP provides its 28,000 students the opportunity to study from Bachelor to MSc, MBA or DBA, settling itself as an uncontested leader in the French Private Higher Education sector.

“Imaginative minds with a passion for creativity and a strengthening of the relationship between people and brands / products.”

Anis CHARFI, Lecturer-researcher in Marketing, Doctor in management science and Director of EBS Genève


The Longwatch Workshop - Bachelors


Katarina an insider of the Bachelor in Digital Business Management

Dogus an insider of the Bachelor in Digital Business Management

Pauline Lampel - Responsable du pôle Stages et Entreprises



This Bachelors program will enable you to acquire a high level of involvement, skills and responsibilities.

E-commerce project manager Marketing Manager Operational analyst Communications manager Web project manager Financial Analyst Financial advisor Financial controller Asset manager Sales manager Account manager Development Manager Recruitment manager Purchasing manager


A school that is close to the business world

Our motto is “learn from experience”. Teaching must come from expert specialists. All our teaching staff are professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with the students so that what they learn is relevant.

The work market is changing rapidly and it is important for each student to enter the world of work with a relevant skill set.



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