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Préparation au Brevet Fédéral Communication Specialist

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Communication & Digital Strategist


Add a new dimension to your career

CREA, a member of the Digital Switzerland network, has announced the creation of the Communication & Digital Strategist programme, which offers a double qualification: CREA expertise in digital fields and disciplines as well as preparation for the Federal Diploma (Brevet Fédéral – BF) in Communication.

Under the management of Gérald Le Meur, Branch Office Director of OOH Media SA, Performance Director of McSaatchi and long-standing lecturer at CREA, the Communication & Digital Strategist qualification aims to provide an important stage in professional training while preparing candidates for the needs and expectations of businesses, in a sector that is currently undergoing transformation.


Communication Specialist – Federal Diploma
Location : Lausanne
Start : January 22, 2022
Duration : 400 hours from January 2022 to Avril 2023
Fee : CHF 10800.- and application fee (CHF 200.-)

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Business Fundamentals



Development & Production


This initial offering includes a one-time mentorship from Jean Noël Kapferer, teacher, author and speaker. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with him, towards their diploma.

A basic, evolutionary programme

By combining the Brevet Fédéral of Communication Specialist with the best content from CREA’s programme curricula, the Communication & Digital Strategist + BF qualification allows you to gain training in all aspects of multichannel communication, with a 360° vision, in order to enhance your online and offline skills.
This dual programme to obtain the Brevet Fédéral allows you to master communication basics and gives you the necessary knowledge to create and optimise strategies for digital communication.

A tailored course

The course includes 400 hours of lessons and is designed in order to fit around a full timetable. The lessons take place Monday and Wednesday evenings (6–9.30pm) and two Saturdays per month, from January 2022 to April 2023. The lecturers, all experts and professionals in their own fields, will support the students, combining theory and practical experience, which is always relevant to the professional world.

Learning 7, continue learning at home

Each course participant will receive 6 months free access to the online learning platform LEARNING7 and the course: “Marketing in a Digital World”. As well as allowing you to revise the ideas presented in the course, these online lessons are tailored to your pace and result in additional certification. This e-Learning programme, designed to boost your skills in Digital Marketing, has been developed with Facebook, Google, Instagram and YouTube.

Since January 1st 2018, anyone signed up for and taking a Federal examination, is eligible for a grant equal to 50% of the course fees (for a preparatory course) from the Swiss Confederation. More information here.

  • 14-month course (2 evenings per week and 2 Saturdays per month)
  • Programme can be undertaken whilst working
  • Double certification (CREA Diploma + Federal Diploma)
  • Campus: Lausanne
  • Language: French
  • Price: CHF 10800.- and admission fee (CHF 200.-)
  • Financial support from the Confederation up to 50% of course fees (5,400 CHF)

There is no specific entrance exam.
Each application is individually evaluated by the course director, who reserves the right to accept or refuse a candidate without having to provide justification.

  • Hold a CFC (Federal Certificate of Proficiency), Swiss Matura Diploma, a Baccalauréat, a business school diploma, arts school diploma, or an equivalent
  • Have attended an info session or an open school day, or a personal interview
  • Have two years’ practical experience in the field of marketing, sales, communication, advertising, public relations, direct marketing or sales promotion


Price of 15-month course: CHF 10800.-
Application fee (CHF 200.-)

Not included in this fee: exam tax for the Brevet Fédéral, which comes to CHF 2,500.-.

CREA is available to discuss the financing of your course. It is possible to implement a bespoke payment plan.

Since 1 st January 2018, as part of a programme to increase the status of the Brevet Fédéral qualification, anyone signed up for and taking a Federal examination, is eligible for a grant equal to 50% of the course fees (for a preparatory course) from the Swiss Confederation.
Participants who are taking preparatory courses offered by CREA can therefore benefit from this direct Federal grant (up to 50% of fees reimbursed), as long as they are signed up for and present themselves at the relevant Brevet Fédéral examination.

The INSEEC Group is in France (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Chambery) and abroad (Monaco, London, San Francisco, Shanghai, and now Geneva) and combines all the possibilities offered by major cities with the dynamism of a friendly environment.

The INSEEC Group has a network of 515 prestigious partner universities and offers students numerous possibilities of double degrees and academic exchanges all over the world. CREA students benefit from the strength of an international group both in terms of the recognition of their qualifications and the ability to pursue courses in Switzerland or abroad.

Lundi & mercredi: 18H00 à 21H00
Samedi : 9H00 à 16H00

  • Janvier 2023 : Sam 21, lun 23, mer 25, sam 28 et lun 30
  • Février 2023 : Mer 1, lun 6, mer 8, lun 20, mer 22, sam 25 et lun 27
  • Mars 2023 : Mer 1, lun 6, mer 8, sam 11, lun 13, mer 15, lun 20, mer 22, sam 25, lun 27 et mer 29
  • Avril 2023 : Sam 1, lun 3, mer 5, lun 24, mer 26 et sam 29
  • Mai 2023 : Lun 1, mer 3, lun 8, mer 10, sam 13, lun 15, mer 17, lun 22, mer 24 et mer 31
  • Juin 2023 : Sam 3, lun 5, mer 7, sam 10, lun 12, mer 14, lun 19, mer 21, sam 24 et lun 26, mer 28
  • Juillet 2023 : Lun 3, mer 5 et sam 8
  • Août 2023 : Lun 21, mer 23, sam 26, lun 28 et mer 30
  • Septembre 2023 : Lun 4, mer 6, sam 9, lun 11, mer 13, mer 20, sam 23, lun  25 et mer 27
  • Octobre 2023 : Lun 2, mer 4, sam 7, lun 9, mer 11 et lun 30
  • Novembre 2023 : Mer 1, sam 4, lun 6, mer 8, sam 11, lun 13, mer 15, lun 20, mer 22, sam 25, lun 27 et mer 29
  • Décembre 2023 : Sam 2, lun 4, mer 6, lun 11, mer 13, sam 16, lun 18 et mer 20
  • Janvier 2024 : Lun 8, mer 10, sam 13, lun 15, mer 17, sam 20, lun 22, mer 24, lun 29 et mer 31
  • Février 2024 : Sam 3, lun 5, mer 7, lun 19, mer 21, sam 24, lun 26 et mer 28
  • Mars 2024 : Sam 2, lun 18, mer 20, sam 23, lun 25 et mer 27

“The Swiss Confederation will give a grant to all Brevet Fédéral candidates”

Frederic Dumonal, Fred Dumonal, Lifelong Learning Director @CREA


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Brevet fédéral de Spécialiste en Communication


Communciation and Digital Marketing Careers

A complete programme for accessing new roles in communications, with a solid understanding of the ongoing digital revolution.

Communication Manager Advertising Manager Brand Manager Planner Web Marketeur Project Manager Web Consultant E-business Community Manager Online Media Planner Online Traffic Manager


A school that is close to the business world

Our motto is “learn from experience”. Teaching must come from expert specialists. All our teaching staff are professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with the students so that what they learn is relevant.

The work market is changing rapidly and it is important for each student to enter the world of work with a relevant skill set.



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