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Point Zéro, a tech podcast studio in Geneva!

Point Zéro, what is it?

Point Zéro is the first tech podcast studio in Geneva, produced by CREA INSEEC U. school, the digital agency WOW, and WeCan Accelerate.

What is the goal of these podcasts? They highlight personalities and projects that boost Switzerland’s business ecosystem. As we already know, the digital transformation in the country is gaining importance, that is why Point Zéro wants to become THE news platform within this constantly evolving phenomenon.

The main topics we are dealing with :

  • New technologies
  • Blockchain
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Innovation & creation

Join the adventure now!

Adrien Treccani explains his ambition to promote digital currencies and blockchain solutions within the financial industry.

Stream the épisode

CREA - Point Zéro podcast à Genève

How does it work?

Each personality is invited to the studio in order to discuss several topics. Later the podcast will be edited, and published on our Spotify and Apple channels. At Point Zéro’s, we believe the passion and enthusiasm of both all our guests and our team, make it possible to create these amazing engaging and fascinating stories.

Can I record my own content?

Yes you can! If you have an idea, a concept you’d like to record, our team is more than glad to have you in the studio and start working on it. You’ll have access to our studio, and our team of experts will assist if you need it to. In other words, come with your ideas, we’ll take care of the rest, until your podcast is published on your Spotify and Apple channels!

“Simplicity, interaction and sharing, are the very essence of Point Zéro!”

“It is the podcast that chooses its auditor!
Turn on your smartphone and stream us now!”

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