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Certification cycle Blockchain Strategy

A real revolution is underway.

If the Internet changed communication methods, Blockchain will revolutionize transactions. Various fields (Banks, legal forms, administrations, etc.) will undergo a great transformation and the traditional operating models will change enormously.

In order to help professionals anticipate these changes and benefit fully from new opportunities, CREA is offering, in partnership with Wecan.Fund, a cycle of study with certification to learn about Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokenization.

Certification Cycle in Blockchain Strategy
Start: 4th March 2022
Tuition : CHF 7200.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)
Alumni CREA: 25% OFF

Availability: limited

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Jours 1 & 2 Fri 25.11.2022 Sat 26.11.2022
Introduction to blockchain
  • Introduction to distributed ledger products
  • Presentation of public and private blockchains
  • Study of the main application cases in the fields of finance, health, compliance and tokenization
  • Introduction of the technological concepts
  • Practical work and case studies
Day 3 Fri 02.12.2022
Blockchain strategy for Commodity & trading companies
  • Introduction of the concepts
  • Sourcing, authentication, traceability
  • Practical work and situation scenarios
Day 4 Sat 03.12.2022
DeFi, the new Finance ?
  • DeFI: history and issues
  • The DeFi platforms
  • Features & opportunities : Stablecoins, Staking, Flash loans, liquidity pool, oracles…
  • DeFi vs CeFi : Ethereum VS Binance
  • Case study: significant DeFi projects and their roadmaps
Jours 5 & 6 Fri 09.12.2022 Sat 10.12.2022
Bitcoin, blockchain's origin
  • History and definition
  • Philosophy and culture
  • How cryptography works
  • Hash / Proof of work
  • Transfers from traditional finance to decentralized finance
  • Case study : Bity
Jours 7 & 8 Fri 16.12.2022 Sat 17.12.2022
Law applied to blockchain
  • Regulations applicable to blockchain
  • Contractual aspects
  • Corporate law
  • Case studies
Day 9 Fri 13.01.2023
Smart contracts: from creation to use
  • Presentation of Ethereum
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a public blockchain
  • Case study: from creation to exchange of smart contracts
Day 10 Sat 14.01.2023
  • Presentation of Hyperledger
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a private blockchain
  • Case study: IBM Blockchain
Jours 11 Fri 20.01.2023 Sat 21.01.2023
Behind the hype
  • The issuance of digital tokens
  • Types of digital tokens
  • Fundraising
  • Community creation and management (aidrop, incentives, roadmaps…)
  • Case study : Swissborg
Day 12 Fri 27.01.2023
  • The blockchain, an open and auditable register
  • How to secure your digital assets?
Day 13 Sat 28.01.2023
  • Definition, culture and uses
  • Communities and exchange platforms
  • Use cases and market overview
Jours 14 Fri 03.02.2023 Sat 04.02.2023
Workshop diploma work
  • Guided work on a Blockchain theme


In order to offer a unique, major training course in the area of Blockchain, CREA and Wecan collaborate with the best professional lecturers, all recognized as experts in their fields (complete list to come).

FRED DUMONAL (Director of CREA Continuing Education)
Founder & Vice President, Blockchain Switzerland
Dr. VINCENT PIGNON (Programme Director & Lecturer)
Founder & CEO, Wecan
Co-Founder, Bity
Partner, OA LEGAL SA
Partner, OA LEGAL SA
Partner, OA LEGAL SA
Innovation & Operation Manager, Wecan
Consultant, Heptagone
Founder, C-Layer
Blockchain Partner, Uncrypted
LINO FININI (Lecturer,)
Chief Operating Officer, Swissquote
Blockchain Leader Switzerland, IBM
CYRUS FAZEL (Lecturer)
Founder - CEO Swissborg
Consultant & Public Speaker, Crypto-Finance
FABIO SOFIA (Lecturer)
Acquisition Manager, Swissborg

Certification Cycle  in Blockchain Strategy


This cycle of study with certification along is offered in collaboration with Wecan Group a pioneering Geneva FinTech specialised in Blockchain solutions and crowdfunding.

Boosted by Fintech Fusion in 2015 Wecan provides pioneering blockchain solutions with strategic partners such as public organisations foundations and companies through co-creation process that can lead to joint ventures.

Whether for decentralised registries proofs digital asset transactions or smart contracts the company based in Geneva already has various developments in its portfolio of Blockchain solutions.


Le Temps : “Comment Genève veut profiter de la Libra”
L’Agefi : “Une formation genevoise enseignera les ficelles de la blockchain lancée par Facebook”
Tribune de Genève :“Alliance entre LIBRA et une école genevoise”

  • 16 days of training (8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays)
  • The program can be undertaken whilst working
  • 1 end-of-course project relevant to the participant’s professional activity
  • Language: French
  • Campus: Geneva
  • Tuition: CHF 7200.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)
  • “Training cheques” accepted
  • Support from the ORP (Regional Placement Offices) possible

Annual certified OFPC cheque accepted

Who is this cycle of study for?

Professionals working in finance, insurance, law and marketing, who want to equip themselves with knowledge to help anticipate the Blockchain revolution and implement effective and consistent processes.

Course requirements

  • There are no formal requirements. However, it is advisable to have an interest in and curiosity for this field
  • Have attended an info session or an open school day, or a personal interview


  • CHF 7200.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)
  • Alumni CREA: 50% OFF


CREA Genève
BAT 43 L | 43, route des Acacias
1227 Genève – Acacias

  • To understand the basics and the use of Blockchain technologies
  • To provide a strategic vision of Blockchain and how crypto currencies work
  • To understand technical aspects in order to be able to interact with specialists


“There was a first information revolution with the Internet, now blockchain will transform transactions by removing intermediaries.”

Dr. Vincent Pignon, WeCan.Fund - CEO


Conférence Blockchain & Fintech

Cycle Certifiant en Stratégie Blockchain | Overview & Témoignages

Table Ronde - Tech For Good

Comment sont les entreprises face à la Blockchain?

Quels sont les secteurs concernés par la blockchain?

Qu'est-ce que la Tokenisation ?

Dr Vincent Pignon | CREA Digital Day 2018


Blockchain professions

For all professionals, freelance or working for companies, needing to develop a strategy relating to Blockchain in their fields.

Blockchain manager Blockchain Project Manager Blockchain Consultant Blockchain Specialist Blockchain Coordinator Cryptocurrency Analyst Cryptocurrency Specialist Blockchain Community Manager


A school that is close to the business world

Our motto is “learn from experience”. Teaching must come from expert specialists. All our teaching staff are professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with the students so that what they learn is relevant.

The work market is changing rapidly and it is important for each student to enter the world of work with a relevant skill set.



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