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Relational strategy
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Get to know your clients completely

Relational strategy is more than ever before the key to successful business. It is now essential to know your customers, the way they work, their expectations and their behaviour to target the right people with the right messages at the right time on the right communication channel. Data is at the centre of the discussion but how should it be collected? What should be done with it and how should it be read or monetized?

Certification Cycle – Relational Strategy & Data Management
Next session
: November 8th 2019
Early booking offer : CHF 4’100.- CHF 3’800.- (application fee : CHF 100.-) Valid until July 15th 2019



Day 1 Fri 08.11.2019
  • Introduction to the CRM, terminologies and key ideas
  • Introduction to the different professions
  • Changes and transformations in the marketplace
  • Data use: cognitive marketing
  • Rationale for building a relational strategy
Day 2 Fri 15.11.2019
Defining the relational mission
  • Defining the relational mission of a brand
  • Defining its promise
  • Deciphering case studies
Day 3 Sat 16.11.2019
Business modeling
  • Rationale for creating a business model
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Defending a forecast
Jours 4 & 5 Fri 22.11.2019 Sat 23.11.2019
UX Research
  • Sprint design: designing a solution
  • Defining an issue and choosing targets
  • Investigation methodologies
  • Creating an interview guide
  • Collecting data
  • Sorting, analysing and consolidating data
  • Creating personas and user journeys
Jours 6 & 7 Fri 29.11.2019 Sat 30.11.2019
Data & Media
  • Data use for optimising media investment
  • Strategy for audience acquisition
  • Strategy for market acquisition
  • Programming
  • Online conversion
  • Optimisation
  • Automatisation
Jours 8 & 9 Fri 06.12.2019 Sat 07.12.2019
  • Data roles
  • Segmentation models
  • Defining issues per target user
  • Potential score and risk score
  • The legal context
Jours 10 & 11 Fri 13.12.2019 Sat 14.12.2019
Preparation for Google Analytics
  • Determining a schedule and main principles
  • Integrating and collecting data
  • How to configure and management the admin
  • What is conversion and attribution?
  • Setting up reports, statistics and dimensions
Day 12 Fri 10.01.2020
Contact Plan
  • Path and script
  • Construction of a unique implementation plan
  • Confrontation and optimisation of a recommendation (UX and data)
  • Contact plan studies
Day 13 Sat 11.01.2020
Social CRM
  • Understanding the role of social networks in a CRM strategy
  • Recognising opportunities and limitations of social media
Jours 14 & 15 Fri 17.01.2020 Fri 17.01.2020
Workshop – Relational strategy
  • Briefing on a relational strategy case study
  • Reporting in the form of an oral presentation


Our certification cycle courses in Relational Strategy & Data Management are given by professionals, all currently active in the field.

CEO, ThinkBand, Paris
Vice President, BETC Digital, Paris
Head of Digital Marketing, MediaGo, Geneva
MIKE BETTAN (Lecturer)
Head of Media Technology and Innovation, 55, Paris
Advisor Director, FullSIX (Havas Group), Paris
Customer Experience & Digital Marketing Strategist, Wide, Geneva
Director, Affordance, Paris
CEO, AccoPilot, Arnas

Master data and learn how to make it work for you

Master data and learn how to use it to improve your company’s business with our Certification Cycle in Relational Strategy & Data Management, which includes the Google Analytics certification.

The format of the Certification Cycle is designed for those who want to put the theory and practice into perspective quickly. Each topic is taught by professionals, each an expert in their field, under the direction of Alexandra Fromm, Director at ThinkBand. The programme for this Certification Cycle is 8 Fridays and 7 Saturdays over 4 months, about 130 training hours.

Google Analytics Certification

The curriculum offered here enables you to integrate the key concepts of the Google Analytics certification and prepares you for the exam.

Keep learning at home

Each participant receives a free 6-month access to the eLearning platform LEARNING7 and its program: “Marketing in a Digital World”. In addition to allowing a revision of the notions seen during the cycle, this training adapts to your rhythm and leads to an additional certification.
This eLearning program, designed to boost your Digital Marketing skills, was developed with Facebook, Google, Instagram and Youtube.

Sharpen your skills

The following are also offered for anyone who would like to develop further their knowledge and skills:

– A Certification Cycle in Digital Strategy
– A Certification Cycle in Digital Brand Content
– An 18-month alternate Master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Social Media

  • 16 days of training (8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays)
  • Programme can be undertaken whilst working
  • 1 end-of-course project relevant to the participant’s professional activity
  • Language: French
  • Campus: Geneva
  • Price: Early booking offer: CHF 4’100.- CHF 3’800.- (valid until July 15th, 2019)
  • “Training cheques” accepted
  • Support from the ORP (Regional Placement Offices) possible

Who is this cycle for?

Marketing and communication professionals and anyone wishing to develop their knowledge of e-marketing and digital communication.

Prerequisites for the cycle

There are no prerequisites for students prior to starting the Certification Cycle in Relational Strategy & Data Management.


  • Early booking offer: CHF 4’100.- CHF 3’800.- (application fee: CHF 100.-) Valid until July 15th, 2019

Those who meet the criteria can receive a refund of 750.- with the annual training check. More information here.


CREA Genève
BAT 43 L | 43, route des Acacias
1227 Genève – Acacias

  • Master CRM methodologies
  • Develop creativity and marketing sense
  • Implement a CRM team – different roles
  • Know how to choose the right providers
  • Understand a business model
  • Prepare for the Google Analytics certification

“It’s essential for me to understand data analysis with a view to becoming an expert in Data Analytics, to achieve media recommendations or UX expertise.”

Arthur, Student @ CREA


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Data Management Careers

For all professionals, whether independent or in a company, brought in to develop a relational strategy based on the data and their client’s use of data.

Expert Analytics Data Analyst Insights Manager


A school that is close to the business world

Our motto is “learn from experience”. Teaching must come from expert specialists. All our teaching staff are professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with the students so that what they learn is relevant.

The work market is changing rapidly and it is important for each student to enter the world of work with a relevant skill set.



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