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Masterclass Cryptocurrencies Lv. 2

Knowledge adapted to a world in perpetual (r) evolution.

Discover the Take Away, a one to two day master class format given by international experts. A short and immersive new experience to acquire key skills to take away in everyday life and professional development.



Day 1 Sat 08.12.2018
8h30 - 9h00 | Petit déjeuner et réseautage
  • Petit déjeuner
  • Réseautage
Day 1 Sat 08.12.2018
09h00 – 12h15 | Cours
  • Crypto rappels de base
  • Minage : concept et fonctionnement
  • Mettre en place un dispositif de minage
Day 1 Sat 08.12.2018
12h15 – 13h30 | Lunch en commun @CREA
Day 1 Sat 08.12.2018
13h30 – 17h30 | Cours & pratique
  • Minage et stockage
  • Sécurité et stockage
  • Trading et second marché
  • Case studies


SAT Décembre 8th 2018
CRYPTOcurrencIES (NIveau 2)

A session animated by:

  • Vincent GUILLO, Consultant blockchain & Cyber sécurité @ Wirechain

Vincent Guillo, ingénieur de formation et spécialiste en cybersécurité, est actif dans la blockchain et la cryptomonnaie depuis 2011. Il dispose d’une solide expérience dans le développement d’entreprises de minage, et depuis 2017, conseille les entreprises sur les aspects techniques dans le cadre d’Initial Coin Offerings ( ou « ICO », similaire à une mise en bourse en cryptomonnaies).

Il est en outre l’administrateur d’une ferme de minage en Europe et le cofondateur d’une société visant à faciliter les transactions entre entreprises grâce à la blockchain. Il est investisseur en crypto-monnaies et souhaite promouvoir la technologie blockchain en sensibilisant les particuliers et les entreprises aux enjeux technologiques et aux différents risques, notamment de hacking et de fraudes.

Chaque mois, les intervenants et les thématiques des Take Away suivants seront annoncés sur cette page. Nombre de place limité, réservez tout de suite pour la prochaine session via le formulaire.

Acquire and bring back certified skills to your business world

Digital, disruption, innovation. For our participants, we are always looking for the best themes, in tune with the professional world and the world of tomorrow.

Sharing knowledge, connecting people, initiating and teaching are a necessity. For all these reasons, we have devised a new training experience, which allows the public to benefit from the knowledge and knowledge of internationally recognized experts in a new format.

Take Away is a format for sharing knowledge in total immersion. The number of participants is limited and prerequisites are required to ensure an effective training experience. This is a great opportunity, unique in Switzerland, to train in contact with international specialists.

At the end of each day followed, a certificate of training is issued.

    • Master Class format
    • 1 theme, 1 day, 1 expert
    • Campus: Geneva or Lausanne
    • Language: French
    • Price: 600 CHF


For whom are Take Away by CREA intended?

Those one-day training sessions are suited for people who are active in the fields of marketing, communication or creation and who wish to acquire specific skills and benefit from them in their daily professional life.


Having professional experience in the fields of marketing, communication/creation or having followed a CREA program.


Number of participants is limited.


Regular price : 600.- (“alumni” offer : CHF 400.-)

  • Learning and sharing with international experts
  • Concrete knowledge aligned with company’s expectations and the foreseeable development of industries
  • A short and condensed (one day) format that combines theory and practice
  • An opportunity to network at the end of the session
  • Course materials and extra content made available after the session
  • A certificate issued at the end of the day

“To face today's high level of advertisement saturation, brands do not hesitate to turn themselves into media. ”

Fred Dumonal, Program Director @CREA


Vincent Pignon - Expert Blockchain

CREA - Ça bouge !



The blockchain professions

For every professional, independant and/or entreprise, whose strategy has to deal with Blockchain and its related fields.

Blockchain manager Blockchain project manager Blockchain consultant Blockchain specialist Blockchain coordinator Cryptocurrencies analyst Cryptocurrencies specialist Blockchain community manager


A school that is close to the business world

Our motto is “learn from experience”. Teaching must come from expert specialists. All our teaching staff are professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with the students so that what they learn is relevant.

The work market is changing rapidly and it is important for each student to enter the world of work with a relevant skill set.



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