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Certification cycle

Digital Strategy

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Today, digital marketing is a key skill for your brand

Discover our Certification Cycle in Digital Strategy lasting 16 days (more than 140 hours training). A basic curriculum enables you to seize the opportunity to use tools and digital platforms, integrate them into your marketing strategy and set up and optimise performance indicators.

Certification Cycle – Digital Strategy (Lausanne)
Next session:
October 30th, 2020
Tuition: CHF 4100.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)



Day 1 Fri 30.10.2020
  • Understand the digital landscape in 2020
  • Understanding the challenges of digital
  • Comment on the best case studies
  • Get to know the tools of the web
Day 2 Sat 31.10.2020
Media Plan
  • What is the online advertising landscape?
  • Who are the market players?
  • How to develop your media plan?
  • How to choose a location and format in order to optimize your campaign?
  • How to effectively target your campaign & what are the different media?
  • How to measure the result of your campaign?
  • Case study & workshop
Day 3 Fri 06.11.2020
Web Project
  • Strategic approach
  • Design & creation
  • Development & production
  • Launch plan
  • Maintenance, improvement & analytics
  • Case study & workshop
Day 4 Sat 07.11.2020
Web Listening
  • Understand the value of listening to your communities and your marketing targets
  • Know selective listening and active listening
  • Learn how to define the profile of a community with the tools available
  • Understand the challenges and the implementation of an influence strategy
  • Identify and define what an influencer is, understand their role
  • Define a digital influence strategy for a brand
Day 5 Fri 13.11.2020
  • Understand how search engines work
  • Acquire the basics and good reflexes to improve your positioning
  • Discovery of tools
  • Case study
Day 6 Sat 14.11.2020
  • Understand how Google Adwords works
  • Create campaigns and analyze its performance
  • Be able to launch your first campaigns independently
  • Case study
Day 7 Fri 20.11.2020
Brand Content
  • Web writing – the basics
  • Best practices and SEO
  • Brand Content and Storytelling
  • Writing and community
  • Case study & workshops
Day 8 Sat 21.11.2020
  • E-commerce strategy
  • Design an E-commerce site: content of the offer, technical platform, UX & UI
  • Practical cases & best practices
  • Measure & monitor the results of your E-commerce site
Jours 9 & 10 Fri 27.11.2020 Sat 28.11.2020
Social Media
  • Social media overview
  • The opportunities of digital video (social context)
  • Overview of possibilities on social media
  • Opportunities for a brand (social paid)
  • Tips & tricks to optimize your social campaigns
  • Industry trends
  • Overview of the possibilities offered by Twitter (paid & organic)
Day 11 Fri 04.12.2020
  • Basics of CRM language
  • The new challenges of the customer experience
  • Customer experience optimization tactics
  • Case studies
Day 12 Sat 05.12.2020
  • Understanding the reasons for the explosion of mobile Internet users
  • Understanding the field of possibilities in mobile marketing
  • Create content consistent with its overall strategy
  • How to make a mobile communication plan?
  • Discover 2021 mobile marketing trends
  • Case study & workshop
Day 13 Fri 11.12.2020
Facebook Workshop
  • The various management tools
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Facebook Ads Manager & Power Editor (campaign creation, audience creation, insights and optimization)
  • Reading and understanding statistics
  • Optimization of campaigns
  • Tips & scenario tricks and use of external tools (monitoring & optimization)
Day 14 Sat 12.12.2020
Google Analytics Workshop
  • Améliorez votre site web en analysant les comportements de vos visiteurs
  • Partie 1 : prise en main de Google Analytics
  • Partie 2 : manipulation de l’outil à travers des études de cas très complètes, inspirées par diverses expériences client
Day 15 Fri 18.12.2020
Growth Hacking
  • Definition and fundamentals
  • Operation & amp; methods
  • Objectives & amp; utility
  • Tools
  • Case studies
Day 16 Sat 19.12.2020
Workshop Digital Strategy
  • Understanding digital strategic planning
  • Presentation of application methods
  • Do not confuse tools and strategy
  • Marketing & User Generated Content
  • Track performance & optimize your strategy


The classes for our Certification Cycle in Digital Strategy are given by professionals, all active in the field.

FRED DUMONAL (Course Director)
Founder, &
Digital Coordinator, Havas Media Group
JOHN CHATEL (Lecturer)
Digital project manager / Account manager Mediago
Analyste Senior - Social Intelligence, We are social
Directeur Marketing Digital, Mediago
SAFIA CARE (Lecturer)
Consultant Safia Caré Consulting
Senior Customer / Experience Manager, VF Corporation
Social Paid Wizard BWAT, Brussels
Managing Director,
Creative Director, MNSTR
Digital Project Manager, MediaGo, Lausanne
Président, La Dictature du Beau SAS

Marketing is dead but marketing in a digital world lives on

Digital marketing is a sought-after skill in all sectors. Industry, FMCG, Media, and SMEs. Whether in our professional or private lives, digital in all its forms has walked straight in.

Teaching that combines theory and practice. A course suitable for professionals over 8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays, across 4 months. The training ends with the award of a certificate for individual work evaluated by a board of professionals.

Keep learning at home

Each participant receives a free 6-month access to the eLearning platform LEARNING7 and its program: “Marketing in a Digital World”. In addition to allowing a revision of the notions seen during the cycle, this training adapts to your rhythm and leads to an additional certification.
This eLearning program, designed to boost your Digital Marketing skills, was developed with Facebook, Google, Instagram and Youtube.

Sharpen your skills

The following are also offered for anyone who would like to develop further their knowledge and skills:

– An 18-month alternate Master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Social Media
– A Certification Cycle in Digital Brand Content

  • 16 days of training (8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays)
  • The programme can be undertaken whilst working
  • 1 end-of-course project relevant to the participant’s professional activity
  • Language: French
  • Campus: Geneva & Lausanne
  • Tuition: CHF 4100.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)
  • “Training cheques” accepted
  • Support from the ORP (Regional Placement Offices) possible

Who is this course for?

Marketing and communications professionals and anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge of e-marketing, digital communications and social media.

Prerequisits for the course

There are no prerequisites prior to starting our Certification Cycle in Digital Strategy.


  • CHF 4100.- (application fee: CHF 150.-)


Locaux Impact Hub
Rue du Jura 11
1004 Lausanne

  • Understand the processes of coordination when launching digital projects (website, web marketing campaigns, management of social media and online reputation)
  • Understand coordination techniques when launching digital projects (website, web marketing campaigns, management of social media and online reputation)
  • Learn the techniques for optimising campaigns
  • Build a consistent recommendation for social platforms
  • Understand how to measure the ROI of digital efforts

“My aim was to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to launch a website, to manage my project well.”

Mohammed Carmoun, Student @ CREA


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Digital Careers

A first step for accessing new roles in communications, now essential for businesses wishing to integrate this digital revolution.

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A school that is close to the business world

Our motto is “learn from experience”. Teaching must come from expert specialists. All our teaching staff are professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with the students so that what they learn is relevant.

The work market is changing rapidly and it is important for each student to enter the world of work with a relevant skill set.



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