Certification cycle

Blockchain Finance & Tokenisation

A real revolution is underway.

If the Internet changed communication methods, Blockchain will revolutionise transactions. Various fields (Banks, legal forms, administrations, etc.) will undergo great transformation and the traditional operating models will change enormously.

In order to help professionals anticipate these changes and benefit fully from new opportunities, CREA is offering, in partnership with WeCan.Fund, two essential, complementary cycles of study with certification, to learn about Blockchain, crypto currencies and ICOs.

Successful completion of these two cycles will provide access
to a Diploma in Blockchain Strategy.

Certification Cycle in Blockchain Finance & Tokenisation
Start : 10th May 2019
Fee : CHF 9’200.- and application fee (CHF 100.-)
Alumnis CREA : 25% OFF

Availability : limited



Jours 1 & 2 Fri 10.05.2019 Sat 11.05.2019
Blockchain token basics
  • Fundamentals
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptos
  • ICOs/STOs
  • Case studies
Jours 3 & 4 Fri 17.05.2019 Sat 18.05.2019
Legal finance / ICO /STO


  • Taxation
  • Onboarding process
  • Qualification process
  • Regulations
  • Contractual aspects
  • Compliance
Jours 5 & 6 Fri 24.05.2019 Sat 25.05.2019
Token technology
  • Smart contract
  • Crowdsale
  • Yellow paper
Jours 7 & 8 Fri 14.06.2019 Sat 15.06.2019
Custody & Distribution
  • Distribution
  • Communication
  • Case Study with guest
Jours 9 & 10 Fri 21.06.2019 Sat 22.06.2019
Listing & Secondary Market (A)
  • Listing & secondary market
  • Calendar
  • Regulations
Jours 11 & 12 Fri 28.06.2019 Sat 29.06.2019
Listing & Secondary Market (B)
  • Listing & secondary market
  • Calendar
  • Regulations
Jours 13 & 14 Fri 05.07.2019 Sat 06.07.2019
  • Blockchain Finance
  • Blockchain Banking
Jours 15 & 16 Fri 12.07.2019 Sat 13.07.2019
Workshop ICO/STO
  • Presentation of projects
  • Questions
  • Resolving problems
  • Pitch time


In order to offer a unique, major training course in the area of Blockchain, CREA and WeCan.Fund collaborate with the best professional lecturers, all recognised as experts in their fields (complete list to come).

FRED DUMONAL (Director of CREA Continuing Education)
Founder & CEO,
Dr. VINCENT PIGNON (Programme Director and lecturer)
Founder & CEO, WeCan.Fund
CYRUS FAZEL (Lecturer)
CEO, SwissBorg
Co-Founder & CEO, Bity
Partner, Ochsner & Associés
Partner, Ochsner & Associés
Head of Strategic Partnerships, Request Network
Agilist & CTO, Mt Pelerin
Consultant Blockchain & Cyber Security, Wirechain
LINO FININI (Lecturer)
Chief Operating Officer Swissquote Bank SA

Cycles of study with certification in Blockchain Finance & Tokenisation

Start : May 10th 2019
End : July 13th 2019
Duration : 16 days (Fridays + Saturdays)
Lecturers : Experts in their fields.


This cycle of study with certification, along with another in ICO strategy, are offered in collaboration with WeCan.Fund, a pioneering Geneva FinTech, specialising in Blockchain solutions and crowdfunding.

Boosted by Fintech Fusion in 2015, it facilitates the creation of white label crowdfunding platforms for IOs/NGOs, semi-public organisations, foundations and companies. The 10 employees based in Geneva also advise companies on the
possibilities of using Blockchain in the areas of insurance, finance, NGOs, foundations and real estate. Whether for decentralised registries, proofs, digital asset transactions or smart contracts, the company already has various developments in its portfolio of Blockchain solutions.

Deepen your knowledge

For all those wishing to further develop their knowledge and skills, we also offer the following:
Certification Cycle in Blockchain Strategy

  • 16 days of training (8 Fridays and 8 Saturdays)
  • Programme can be undertaken whilst working
  • 1 end-of-course project relevant to the participant’s professional activity
  • Language: French
  • Campus: Geneva
  • Price: 9’200 CHF
  • “Training cheques” accepted
  • Support from the ORP (Regional Placement Offices) possible

Who is this cycle of study for?

Professionals working in finance, insurance, law and marketing who want to equip themselves with knowledge in order to help lead ICO type fundraising projects.

Course requirements

There are no formal requirements, however, it is advisable to have a good knowledge of the area of Blockchain. Study of the Blockchain Strategy cycle is an advantage.


  •  CHF 9’200.- and application fee (CHF 100.-)
    Alumnis CREA : 25% OFF


CREA Genève
BAT 43 L | 43, route des Acacias
1227 Genève – Acacias

  • Understand and master the financial implications of Blockchain and Tokenization
  • Discover technical aspects and interact with field experts

Validation of two cycles, in Blockchain and ICO, will result in overall certification with the Diploma in Blockchain Management.


“One third of the ten largest ICOs are based in Switzerland, which is a very fertile land for blockchain. We must keep this place of world

Dr. Vincent Pignon, Blockchain Expert


Secteurs industriels & Blockchain

Entreprises & Blockchain

La Suisse & la Blockchain

Vincent Pignon - Conférence CDD18


ICO professions

For all professionals, freelance or working for companies, needing to deploy an ICO and raise sufficient funds for a project.

ICO Project Manager ICO Consultant ICO Specialist ICO Coordinator ICO Communication Specialist ICO Community manager


A school that is close to the business world

Our motto is “learn from experience”. Teaching must come from expert specialists. All our teaching staff are professionals in their field. They share their knowledge and toolsets with the students so that what they learn is relevant.

The work market is changing rapidly and it is important for each student to enter the world of work with a relevant skill set.



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