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A jump into the professional world

The 3 years of training Bachelors at CREA allow students to combine theory and practice through courses, workshops and internships in Switzerland and abroad. The Bachelors, certified by the INSEEC group and Sup de pub, bring an opening to the world.

CREA Genève
BAT 43 L | 43, route des Acacias
1227 Genève - Acacias



Skype Session | Open School Day | Bachelor Art Direction
Skype Session | Open School Day | Bachelor Web Development & Applications
Skype Session | Open School Day | Bachelor Digital Marketing & Communication
Skype Session | Open School Day | Bachelor EBS Business Development
Skype Session | Open School Day | Bachelor EBS Business Development (EN)

During the information sessions we will present you the training objectives and testimonials of some actors of the school such as students and speakers.

With a network of 180 prestigious partner universities, CREA Genève is part of the INSEEC Group of Universities network, which offers its students numerous opportunities for double degrees and academic exchanges all over the world.

CREA students benefit from the strength of this international group in two ways: in the recognition of the titles awarded and in the possibilities of pursuing their studies in Switzerland or abroad.


Patrick Colelough

Patrick Colelough

Bachelor Director in Art Direction at CREA
Phil Galland

Phil Galland

Head of Digital Marketing Programs at CREA
Dimitri Ganevat

Dimitri Ganevat

Director of Bachelor in Web Development at CREA
Pauline Lampel

Pauline Lampel

Head of Internships and Entreprises Bachelors & Masters at CREA
Sébastien Engelmann

Sébastien Engelmann

Head of Marketing & Communication Executive Board Member at CREA


Internships & Companies

San Francisco - Aftermovie

Christophe Coffre - Parrain

Audrey Messiaux - Internship Testimonial

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