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Digital Careers


The digital marketing manager develops in the communication and marketing department of a company. The responsibilities of this role are to support teams in the management and implementation of the brand’s digital strategy. His/her objectives are focused on the visibility of the company via its digital platforms, social networks, SEO, e-commerce and email campaigns, to name but a few.


The Brand Manager is a marketing specialist who drives the brand in his/her decision-making, tracking and guiding role. He/she is responsible for the identity, meaning and values the brand promotes to try to guide the consumer’s decision.


The Web Project Manager possesses solid technical knowledge and increased web culture and also good marketing skills. Working at the heart of a web project, he/she coordinates all the development stages, from production strategy to creation. He/she prepares the budget and schedule and oversees the creative and technical teams as well as any external service providers. He/she is also attentive to customer needs and is the main customer contact.


The primary role of the Digital Analyst is to collect, analyse and present data and information from the digital ecosystem of a company (websites, mobiles and tablets). This is a quantitative and, above all, qualitative role. It is the quality of this analysis that provides the Digital Analyst’s added value.


The strategic planner is always one step ahead. He/she anticipates advertising and digital trends while also providing strategic analysis. Through constant monitoring, he/she supports decision-makers to make digital campaigns more relevant.


The Online Media Planner has various roles. As a champion of new technologies, he/she is responsible for the visibility of the company online and increasing the flow of visitors. Having mastered the latest advertising technology and the ways of exploiting these new media, he/she is in charge of online marketing budgets and measuring their performance.

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