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Art Director


Code name: AD – Art Director. Fundamentally an artist but paid to think about, explore, create and produce beautiful things. He/she makes the job his/her passion.

“Human-centric”, the art director is sensitive to the trends, behaviour and expectations of the consumers that his or her creations target. He/she knows who they are speaking to.

She/He is a dreamer who rarely leaves his/her working world and even more rarely leaves the world of the web as he/she really understands the digital world. They are also a real leader who surrounds him/herself with the best talent to support his/her creations – communication concepts, brand content, visual identity, mobile apps, animations, TV films, etc. The list is long!

His/Her motivation: the idea, THE BIG IDEA. The one that will make him/her win prizes. His/her stimulus: the image, in all its forms. Armed with a few Red Bulls, the AD willingly spends his/her nights working, retouching and tinkering.
His/her job is a passion, as we’ve already said!

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