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The Luxury Sector


The marketing manager defines the business strategy. He/she holds a key role in the brand and participates in setting its strategic focus. He/she carries out market research, studies the competition, the company’s offerings and positioning as well as existing and potential customers so that the product range can be better defined and evolve over time. He/she measures outcomes and business results for each segment and manages the launch of products internationally.


The product manager is an intermediary between the company’s design, production and quality control processes and the commercial department. The job of the product manager is to monitor the creation and development of a new product closely, from its design to its promotion, determining the marketing strategy for the product launch, the creation of the product and the advertising approach.


The communications director is responsible for the brand’s image and value as well as developing awareness by ensuring the right messages appear on the right media. The job changes with each change to the range, whether conquering new markets, new customers or supporting new product segments while increasing visibility.


The brand manager is the brand’s representative in the market. His/her responsibility is to develop the brand image, its reputation and strategy, whether focused on the commercial, customer, financial or marketing aspects. His/her role is an important one in the company and he/she relays senior management’s brand perception. He/she also submits a short- and medium-term strategic business plan annually.


The role of the visual merchandiser is to manage the staging of the product. He/she must determine its visibility and the interest that will bring customers, whether in retail or via distribution partners, at fairs or travelling exhibitions. Anyone who has ever worked for a luxury brand will tell you that luxury is a demanding world that requires attention to detail. Everything is measured, thought through, expertly orchestrated but also sometimes abandoned to make a better product.

This culture is rooted in each business. Whether you are working in manufacture, product marketing, retail or the international market, the luxury sector is growing and increasingly creative. Each person in the luxury industry inspires and communicates the brand image. Each talent is important to the customer experience and their perception of the brand. Similarly, all communication should be consistent with the brand image, its values and the messages it wishes to convey. The brand’s DNA should be visible in all its creations and stores, on its website, in the advertising visuals and catalogues and also on the packaging. Nothing is left to chance. In a world that brings together high demand and passion, the brand plays with imagination to make dreams come true. Therein lies the beauty of the luxury industry.


The CRM manager is responsible for the customer experience and the harmonisation of the brand message at all points of contact. Depending on the business strategies in place, he/she defines contact targets and is a source of valuable information for the development of the brand in different markets. A technical expert who is knowledgeable about information systems and data, he/she must demonstrate the ability to draw a synthesis from good customer information. He/she participates in choosing the communication channels and tools to be used while also
being responsible for the process.


Responsible for the company’s Public Relations, the PR manager is the brand’s main contact with the outside world. He/she develops the brand’s image in all the media he/she manages (in the press and specialist magazines), at events and with brand ambassadors. The PR manager defines and develops the brand presence internationally, in co-operation with markets and evaluates the impact.


Whether working through an agency or in-house in a luxury group, the strategic planner’s role is to provide context, vision, strategy and a development schedule to create a brand campaign or launch a product. He/she collects customer-centric information and market trends, which he/she analyses and structures to make them relevant to the brand in the context of its campaign goals. The goal is to formulate a strategic and creative brief.


An internet specialist, the community manager manages the brand’s online reputation and expands its visibility on community platforms. He/she promotes exchanges between users and creates a community around a core product or luxury values. An active participant in the development of brand awareness, he/she operates in the technical field as well as those of marketing and communication.

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